A Lone...

Posted by Just Jamaal Friday, January 29, 2010

On steps of stone he sits
a feeling he can’t understand branded internally
will never reach his lips
or field of vision
So he won’t see how this thing growing inside will become a part of every decision
that he makes
as he waits and never forgets
Caught up in that sharpened by lead and steal
so fuck a feeling learn how
to push that shit back and deal with getting colder
as eyes get older cuz the streets is watchin
mentality scared
by the sharpness of the duality
that continues to exist
dying to be molded
craving to be guided
but with no cat at home the game is never shown
in pointed out pitfalls, or lessons to be learned
put your hand in the fire and feel
the pain of gettin burned
is how the lost ones find the way
but once the seeds have been sown and you can be OK
with alone
you find that the sun still shines
the world still turns
the number of people on call is not the measure of your worth
so reclaim that voice and let the words be your church
with no witness


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