The Grind

Posted by Just Jamaal Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Yeah, brother man is on the grind again. I've been trying to hold my head above water. The uneventful life of a daddy dull dude in effect. Cue my theme music...

I've been wrestling with myself over what I should do to earn a little extra scratch these days. The economy is so fucked up, you can't even hustle anymore. It used to be just broke people hustled for scratch. Sure, some suburbanites got into it for shits and giggles to prove something to the thug gods they praise through the speakers...but only hungry cats do it for income. Now a days seems that no one is eating.

Dem belly full but we Huuuuungry
A Hungry mob is an angry mob...

Not that I'm trying to rally the troops and go hunting or anything...I'm just trying to find my little peace of life to enjoy and grow old with. So I've been thinking about putting the things I love to work for me. The problem is, I can't help but feel like I'd be prostituting myself for it. The one guy on my left shoulder is like, "spread em wide for that cash, bitch", the guy on my right shoulder is like, "the loot will help you cope dude...". I'm not trying to be the justifying stripper...that's worse than the signifying monkey.

Besides, I always feel like there is something for me to learn. It's like that when you love something...the learning doesn't seem like a chore. You don't mind he hours of study, practice, trial and error. As long as your tools are in tact and your canvas remains, so does your desire. The problem, of course, is money don't stand still while you craft your masterpiece over the next 5 years. Daddy Dull Dude needs a fade and some new kicks.

So I tell you what...I'm going to hit yall with a little something here and there for some feed back every now and again. Is that cool? You can let me know if I'm trippin or if it's cool to go ahead grinding. Shit, either way I gotta grind...just not sure if I need a new one...

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  1. Claudia Says:
  2. I'm not very good at in-depth opinions, but I'll give it a shot!


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