Is it me?

Posted by Just Jamaal Monday, October 12, 2009

What is it about my people that makes me swell up with pride and shake my head in disappointment at the same time?

I'm a Domesticated Knee-Grow, that I can accept. I'm not out in them streets slinging heat or meat like tomorrow's not coming. I'm not sure why that would reduce my credibility as a Black man, but for some reason, there are those who think you have to fit the stereotypical model in order to be counted. You know, cuz that's just what Black people do.

Not this Black Person.

I live in a pretty typical ghetto city, USA. There are many ghettoesk things that occur in my neighborhood. There are the loud ghetto barbeques with the drunken brawls that ALWAYS ensue. There is the Puerto Rican family across the street that just moved all 700 living family members into the 2 family building. There's the BeBe's running around the neighborhoods destroying other peoples things and doing other general BeBe ish. It's a ghetto. So when my neighbors 2 doors down decide to detail thier 10 year old Hondas on the block while blasting the latest genocidal anthem...because, you know, it's what
Black people do, I say the hell with what Black People do.

I have grown tired of searching for legitamite black blogs about issues that I can relate to only to have the latest bullshit glamorized for the sake of entertainment. I like to cut up too, but there should be a line.

There are numerous examples of Black people fitting an unflattering stereotype. What's worse is that to many, these images, modes and expressions are completely acceptable. It has become quietly endorsed and thus allowed to be and even embraced.

The Domesticated Knee Grow will not glamorize the BS. I won't write about senselessness for the sake of entertainment.

It's too easy, but totally devoid of substance. Unfortunately, we've come to a point where substance is frowned upon. It's considered boring or too much work with all the reading and thinking and sobering realities. We'd much rather escape and not think about the real world.

Sometimes we try so hard to escape from the pains in our lives that we are also bailing on the good, treasured, shining aspects of our lives until they fade and there is nothing left but the escape. The act becomes the drug that we yern for. So we sit and turn ourselves off and allow the television or our computers to remove us from our struggles. The bafoonery is funny, the violence is real and relatable, the images become desirable, acceptable, and can slowly replace are own values. We are being told a story of which we are not the original authors, but we have taken up the job of retelling this story, to ourselves, to each other and to our children.

Well, as a Domesticated Knee Grow, I'm going to go ahead and draw a line in the sand.

I will not report on the new Trick Daddy anything.

I will not discuss Beyonce & Jay Z's relationship.

I will not be reviewing the latest Little Wayne gentrification anthem.

I'm simply not interested in any of these things, and have grown tired of searching for good underground blogs to read and only finding the same formulas that mimic what successful white bloggers have done. Can we discuss why we find these things so captivating in order to find the answers & move to a better tomorrow? Maybe it's late and I just need to get some rest. Maybe I'm just overly romantic and optimistic right now. Maybe it's not me, maybe we just need to do better.


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